Fort Garry 6&4 Slopitch
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Mission Statement

The mission of the Fort Garry 6&4 Slopitch League is to provide a fun coed softball league for adults of all skill levels with an emphasis on sportsmanship and comradery.


1.The home team for the first game is responsible for setting up the bases. Each team will provide a game ball at the beginning of the first game. Bases are set to 65 feet with the pitching mound at 50 feet. Commitment line is 20 feet from the front corner of home plate down the third base line. Baby Powder can be used to mark either the pitching mound and/or commitment line.

2.There will be a fifteen minute grace period allowed before game is defaulted. Note: If a team has minimum of 8 players at the scheduled start of the game, they are to start the game. Diamonds are to be set up by 6:30 by the Home Team. (See section on Fines for Defaulted games.)

3.Pitching: Arc must be between 6 –12 feet. Strike zone: A pitch is a strike if it lands on the strike mat or homeplate.

4.Re-Entry…The player in the starting line-up may be substituted for and may subsequently* be re-entered once. A starting player, if re-entered, must occupy the same position in the same batting order.

5.No intentional walks allowed. If the first four pitches are consecutive balls the batter (guys or girls) goes to second base. The next player must bat (no option).

6.Runners may leave their base when a pitched ball is batted or crosses home plate, but must return to that base immediately after each pitch not hit by the batter.

7.First base safety bag is required. The batter/runner must touch any part of the orange part of the bag. The white part of the bag is for the exclusive use of the defending player for a play on the batter.

8.Infielders must play behind baselines, regardless of whether the batter is male or female, until the ball is hit or the ball crosses the plate. If an infielder is in front of the baseline before the ball is hit, the batter can choose to take the result of the hit or re-hit using the same ball/strike count.

9.No sliding at home plate — commitment line is in effect. A baserunning running home must cross the scoring line for the run to count. A baserunner that touches the plate or strike mat will be called out.

10.Mercy Rules –Double headers will be 6 innings.

When the mercy rule is applied, the game is considered to be over. This rule applies when a team is ahead by at least 10 runs after 4 or 5 complete innings.

11.The first game will end in a tie at all times. In event of a tie game at the end of regulation play on the second game, extra inning(s) will be played with international rules in effect. The 1st team starts the game with the last batter of the last inning on 2nd base with one out. The 2nd team starts the same with the last batter of last inning on 2nd base with one out. If still a tie after 3 innings, the game will be considered a tie.

12.A maximum of 7 runs per inning with the last inning open.

13.COURTESY RUNNERS may be used (provided the batter has safely reached base) a maximum of three (3) times per game. Only players listed on the line-up card are eligible to be courtesy runners, same runner can be used more than once. A courtesy runner can be used for a courtesy runner. If there are no courtesy runners or substitutes available to take the place of a courtesy runner that is on base when that player is to be up to bat, an out shall be declared. NOTE: Where a courtesy runner is used, a male must be placed for a male, a female for a female, or a female for a male.

14. Time will be called if a pitcher gets hit by a batted ball once the batter touches first base. Any base runner will only be able to advance 1 base. This rule only applies if the pitcher does not attempt to make a play on the batted ball. Batter and baserunners will still be at risk of being put out and once they reach their one base, the play will be dead.

15.No more than 6 male players shall be on the field at one time. No less than 8 players are allowed to start a game. For each player short of 10, an automatic out is applied in the vacant spots of the lineup. There shall be no more than two male batters consecutively in the batting lineup.

16.Each player must participate in 6 regular season games for their designated team to be eligible for playoffs.


17.1.Once a player signs the Fort Garry 6&4/SPN roster (includes addition/deletion sheet) for a specific team, that player may not play or spare for another team in a different conference/ division. A player may spare for another team in the same conference as long as the team does not have spares available at the game(s). A player can only spare for the same team to a maximum of 3 x’s per season. Any team violating this rule will default that game and be subject to default penalties.

17.2.In the event that a team uses a player who is not registered with SPN and he/she is injured, the league and executives will not be held responsible. For all non-SPN registered players, waiver forms must be signed prior to the game.


18.The Umpire will only speak to team captains who meet at home plate before the game.

19.Zero Tolerance in effect towards the Umpires and other players.

All umpires decisions are final: If a player is ejected from a game:

19.1.First offence – 1 game suspension if it occurs in the playoffs. 1 night (doubleheader) suspension if it occurs in the regular season.

19.2.Second offence – suspended indefinitely.

Any physical confrontations: Physical confrontations with umpires or other players will not be tolerated. Persons and/or teams will be suspended from league play indefinitely for this behaviour. We are a “recreational” league. You will risk suspension from all SPN play in the province.

First player from a team – person suspended indefinitely

b. Second player from a team – team is suspended indefinitely

Profanity rule: Anyone using profanity loudly, or directed at an umpire or opposing team, will receive a team warning (each team allowed one warning per game).

20.No drinking on diamonds and dugouts. There is no tolerance of alcohol on the playing surface and in the dugout (player’s benches).

21.No smoking or vaping anywhere on the playing surface.


22.Use of illegal bats: There will be no illegal bats. Umpires will be checking the bats before each game and monitoring through out the game. The penalty for illegal bat is an out and an ejection and the coach/manager is ejected as well. There is an automatic 3 year suspension for using an altered bat.

23.No metal cleats are allowed: Player will be called out if at bat and then possible ejection. This is for safety and insurance purposes. No Exceptions. (See rule 15). 
       EFFECT – If a player is requested by the umpire to remove illegal shoes (cleats) or illegal parts of the uniform and they refuse, the player will be removed from the game and ruled ineligible.

24. Uniforms not required.

25. NO bunting. The batter will be called out if a ball is bunted.


26.Each team must have a representative at every league meeting. If a team does not have a representative at a meeting, that team will be fined $25.00.

27. All outstanding fines must be paid prior to playoff scheduling. If at any time during the season a team’s fines exceed $100.00, disciplinary action shall be taken, up to and including expulsion from the league.

28. Unpaid League Registration:

Any team not submitting league registration by the due date will be subject to a $50.00 late payment fee (not to come out of bond). Any scheduled games during the period the league’s registration & fine have not been paid will be considered a defaulted game. If a team is scheduled to play a team with an o/s registration fee/fines, that team has the win via default or playing the game as scheduled.

30. Defaulted Games:

Any defaulted game will result in a $150.00 fine levied upon the defaulting team. To be paid by cash or e-transfer to the league immediately. Any team defaulting 2 games could automatically be expelled from the league, unless repayment of fines withdrawn from bond (replenishing bond to original amount) occurs immediately. Team remains on probation until the end of the season. The opposing team will receive $30 credit to a sponsor of the league.


1.Team names, date of game and each player’s first & last name must be CLEARLY PRINTED on each game card.

2.Substitutes announce to the umpire when they enter the game.

3.Game card is completed for both games and given to umpire before the start of the first game. No signatures required.

4. Game scores: The umpires will manage the game cards and submit them to the league after the games are played.