2019 Playoffs

  • 1st Division Champs - Take Her Home

About FGSP

The Fort Garry 6&4 Slopitch League is a SPN sanctioned coed league which plays most games out of the south part of Winnipeg. Diamonds include Buhler Park, St Norbert, Lasalle, Oak Bluff, Grande Pointe and Labarriere Park but may change from year to year.

The league begins in May and playoffs are the 3rd weekend of August. Each team will receive 24 games plus playoffs.

League fees are $1450 for new teams and $1400 for returning teams as of 2019. Fees include a dozen softballs, strike mat (new teams only), game cards, scorebook and umpire fees. Other league information is included in the Rules page.

If you would like more information about the league, please contact Travis at travis@fgsp.ca.